CISM Training

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

VALEAP is proud to host/sponsor International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) Critical Incident Stress Management Training, also known as peer training. The 3-day training includes two ICISF courses – the Basic Group Crisis Intervention course and the Assisting Individuals in Crisis Course. Students must attend all 3 days in order to receive credit for the course. This course serves as the training foundation for many agencies with Law Enforcement Peer Support programs. The typical ICISF registration fee for this course is $525.00 – but we are glad to be able to bring it to you for a nominal fee of $50, to cover the course handbooks and certification. This is also requisite training for peers involved in Post Critical Incident Seminars, and is designed for emergency responders in all disciplines.

We strive to provide this training as demand dictates. If you have an interest in this training for yourself or in an effort to augment a peer team, we want to hear from you! Critical Incident Stress Management training should be an integral component in every agency’s employee wellness and retention efforts.

To check on the availability of this training, please email Kit Cummings at

A sample course syllabus/agenda appears below:

Agenda and Syllabus:  ICISF agenda/syllabus (Word) ICISF agenda/syllabus (PDF)



ICISF Individual Crisis Intervention / Group Crisis Intervention



Day 1

8:00 am               Coffee/Registration/Gathering


8:30 am               Introduction: Stress, Crisis & Crisis Intervention


10:00 am             Break

10:15 am             Overview of Critical Incident Stress Management

Introduction to Basic Crisis Communication Skills


11:00am              Are you Listening? Exercise


12:00 -1pm                    Lunch


1pm                     Use of Questions / Question Exercise


1:45pm                Active Listening Role Play


3:30pm                Break                           


3:45pm                Psychological Reactions to Crisis


5 pm                              Formulating an Approach to the Person in Crisis:

The SAFER-R Model Lecture


6pm                     End 


Day 2

8:30am                SAFER-R Role Play


9:00am                Introduction to Group Crisis Intervention


9:30am                Break


9:45am                Group Crisis Intervention Research Issues


10:15am              Demobilization Lecture

Demobilization Demonstration

Demobilization Exercise


11:30am              Crisis Management Briefing Lecture


12-1pm                Lunch


1pm                     Crisis Management Briefing Role Play


2:30pm                Break


2:45pm                Defusing Lecture


3:30pm                Introductory Remarks Exercise


4pm                     Defusing Demo


6pm                     End

Day 3


8:30am                Defusing Role Play


9:30am                Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Lecture


10 am                   Break


10:15 am             CISD Demonstration or Video


11:30 am             Lunch


12:30pm              CISD Role Play


2pm                     Break


2:15pm                Discussion of Role Play


2:45pm                CISM Assessment and Strategic

Planning Introduction


3:30pm                “Do No Harm” Lecture


4:00pm                Questions and Wrap Up


4:30pm                Discussion of ICISF Services

Course Evaluation


6:00pm                Course Ends