Post Critical Incident Seminars

What is PCIS?

Law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth of Virginia are exposed to high stress on a daily basis, but from time to time encounter extraordinarily traumatic situations. Over 20 years ago, the FBI developed a highly effective program for post-incident training in critical incident stress. PCIS has literally meant the difference between staying on the job and leaving law enforcement due to unresolved effects of critical incident stress.

Law enforcement professionals attending PCIS will have an unparalleled opportunity to share their experiences with peers and to offer and receive valuable support. Participants find that discussing their experiences with fellow officers who have been down similar paths facilitates normalization and recovery. Attendees will also have access to mental health professionals who work closely with law enforcement and understand the challenges of the profession. PCIS will provide education on trauma, identify effective patterns of resolution and offer proven coping strategies to promote recovery and resilience.

In 2009, Virginia Law Enforcement hosted the first Virginia Law Enforcement PCIS, developed carefully around a proven model utilized for more than fifteen years in North and South Carolina. PCIS is offered to law enforcement professionals, 911 telecommunications, and their spouses or significant others.